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Auto Radiator factory-Guangdong FARET company will be in New yea

2010-01-21 08:01:00

Dear Customer: 

The Spring Festival is coming, Faret company hopes you everything goes well!
In the past year, because of your attention and support, Faret has leap-type development,.With the channel partners, suppliers, providers  strong synergy ,it gives customers more opportunities for development. In the new year, we look forward to continue to work together with you and grow together towards glory.
Faret holidays are as follows:

1,  2010 years, February 10  to February 20             ( total 10 days)

2, During the holiday all the replenishment, after-sales service will be post-processing work till February 20, 2010 . please try to leave before the submission of information in order to avoid delays, there is a need to go to work immediately and handle the issue, please email in advance to the relevant departments;

3, bank remittance transfer business during the holiday will be suspended. 

Best  Regards!

Faret Auto Radiator Co., Ltd.,

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