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Faret group-2019 summer corporate culture tourism

2019-09-24 08:09:14

?Faret group-2019 summer corporate culture tourism

Two-day tour of Panyu-Yangjiang zhabo Dajiao Bay and maritime paradise

Starting from the company on time at half past seven in the morning, we talked and laughed along the way, and everyone was extremely happy and relaxed, and we could feel the joy brought by the company's welfare from all aspects. Halfway to, still not 1.1 point preparedness, it began to majestic heavy rain, but small partners mood was not a whit influence, still laughing, happy, the wind rain what, so I arrived at my destination very quickly.

The first stop was to punch in the famous local scenic spot-DIAOYUTAI. Although the weather was not beautiful and it rained a little drizzle, it did not affect everyone's happy mood at all. Everyone's face was filled with a happy smile.

Collectively go to sea to experience fishing farmers fishing

Fish season, full harvest

It happened to catch up with the local fish season at that time, and then there were a lot of fish and shrimp. Colleagues all signed up happily and actively to experience the scene of local fishermen fishing, the fisherman skillfully operated the fishing net in his hand. After a few minutes, the fisherman enthusiastically asked everyone to help collect the net and experience the joy of harvest;

Beach activities al-Qaeda organizes everyone to surf in the sea, experience the impact of the waves, or stroll on the beach, pick up shellfish and swim in the sea to enjoy the unprecedented relaxation brought by the Beach, Sunshine, waves and sea breeze, appreciate the charm of the pure beauty of the sea.


Let's enjoy the high mountains and canyons drifting happily, with a total length of about 3.8 kilometers and a full range of up to 180. Let's experience the surging passion of "fighting between heaven and earth, indulging in mountains and rivers" in the cliff and canyons! The cheerful laughter and thrilling screams of everyone in the cliff and deep valley continued in the canyon;

Fairy Xishan water tunnel walled scenic door photo

Xianxian Mountain is located in Xianxian scenic spot (17th ferry) in shidu Dasha, Fangshan district. It is born with beautiful mountains and rivers. Everyone walks up the stairs, helps each other, unites and walks together to reach the top of the mountain, it shows the faith of the Faret people to unite as one.

Appreciate the living atmosphere of ethnic minorities

Watching the enthusiastic and unrestrained singing and dancing performance of ethnic minorities of Miao girls, everyone happily and interactively danced and played together, and listened to the moving folk songs in the ethnic Park.


Fireworks show

After dinner, I went to the local [open-air KTV bonfire party] under the bright starry sky and surrounded by cheerful music, everyone sang and danced, played interactive games and set off fireworks. Dance around the fire hand in hand to express your happy mood.

Finally, the activity ended successfully with everyone's laughter. Through this tourism activity, the staff's working enthusiasm has been greatly mobilized, and the staff's cohesion has been enhanced, so that the staff can relax their body and mind and cultivate their sentiments, devote more enthusiasm to the work, contribute your own strength to the sustained and rapid development of the company, and let everyone devote more enthusiasm to the future work. So that we can better devote ourselves to producing high-quality automobile radiators for our customers!

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