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Mid-Autumn Festival Faret wishes customers and friends from all walks of life a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and family reunion!

2019-09-23 17:09:43

 Mid-Autumn Festival Faret wishes customers and friends from all walks of life a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and family reunion!

Months to mid-autumn Festival exceptionally bright, festive season.
On the occasion of the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, Farada automobile radiator Co., Ltd. expresses its most sincere wishes to customers and friends from all walks of life who have strongly supported our company for many years!
Hotel City wish all customers friends Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Happines Mid-Autumn Festival

Enterprise care

In recent years, Faret group has made great progress with remarkable achievements and steady growth. We know very well that the development and growth of the group in its 19-year history cannot be separated from every hard-working Faret, we can't do without the full support of our staff's family members all the way, let alone the sincere cooperation and strong support from all partners. We are grateful for your company.
For the future co-construction of Farada group, the realization of a better life for employees, the contribution to promoting the development of radiator industry, and the commitment to fulfilling social responsibilities, we still need to shoulder the responsibility together and work together!
On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish all farada, relatives and partners who have been struggling for a happy holiday and a happy family!

Guangzhou company Mid-Autumn Festival care

Tianjin company Mid-Autumn Festival care

Faret group, as the brand industry of automobile cooling and cooling system, will continue to adhere to the value concept of development, enterprising, paying and co-prosperity, promote the future with technology, and become the leader of automobile radiator industry!

Mid-Autumn Festival knowledge

Mid-Autumn Festival since ancient times with sacrifices to, Moon, moon worship, eat moon cakes, and watch osmanthus, drink osmanthus wine etc. customs, spread so far, especially. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the reunion of people with the moon omen. It is a rich, colorful and precious cultural heritage for the sake of missing hometown and family members. Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival and Tomb-sweeping day are called the four traditional festivals in China.


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