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Faret 2019 Guangzhou Construction Machinery Exhibition

2019-08-10 11:08:53

?Faret 2019 Guangzhou Construction Machinery Exhibition "Kangma Exhibition" was a complete success


On the morning of August 1, 2019 China (Guangzhou) International Construction Machinery Exhibition, also known as "2019 Kangma Exhibition", was grandly opened at the Guangzhou-China Import and Export Fair Complex. The global construction machinery industry gathered in Guangzhou for a grand event, Faret A large and complete range of engineering machinery products has attracted many customers. The working environment of engineering machinery is harsh and the working conditions are complex. From the beginning of raw materials, we have set higher standards and adopted a series of strengthening measures in the process. The customers present at the scene expressed their affirmation of the technical details of the products of the Ferrada products and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two parties!

After the grand launching ceremony, the 2019 Guangzhou Construction Machinery Exhibition officially began. Under the strategic drive and leadership of “One Belt, One Road” and “Made in China 2025”, China's engineering construction machinery and its parts industry has ushered in a new era of development. Farada will fully display the engineering construction machinery radiators, and further promote and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the industry at home and abroad. Together to build a new ecosystem of global engineering and construction machinery.

Sincerely communicate with customers, let us further understand customer needs and better develop the market for customers! With the world's leading intelligent integrated cooling system production line and a strong technical team, Faret has developed a series of innovative, lightweight, high-efficiency, high-performance radiators, including large-scale high-end engineering machinery, generator sets, and agricultural machinery. Equipped with a radiator.

Faret show has a good harvest

Faret showed the ingenious product design and precise product manufacturing process to the customers of the national construction machinery, and also showed the spirit of the Faret people. Every customer and friend who came to the booth was touched by the professionalism and enthusiasm of the Faret people!

Through this exhibition, Faret Group has successfully developed the user market of various large-scale high-end equipment radiators for construction machinery, generator sets and agricultural machinery at home and abroad, and has won the attention and recognition of the majority of engineering machinery merchants.

Faret won the title of vice president unit

At the 4th Second General Meeting of Guangzhou Construction Machinery Association, with the extensive engineering machinery product foundation and strong technical team research and development capabilities, it was awarded the title of “Deputy President Unit” by Guangzhou Construction Machinery Association!

Thanks to the Guangzhou Construction Machinery Association for its product recognition and trust in Faret, and awarded the title of the vice president unit of Farada. Faret will continue to expand its R&D investment to provide more efficient and durable construction machinery and generator sets for customers and friends. , agricultural machinery and other large-scale high-end equipment radiators!

Construction machinery radiator display

Faret continues to innovate in research and development, close to the market, and lay a solid foundation for customers to seize the market!

VOLVO Volvo Engineering Series

JCB Engineering Machinery Series

Hitachi Excavator Series

Generator set

Kubota Agricultural Machinery Series

MTZ Agricultural Machinery Series

Perkins generator set

Generator cooling system

Generator radiator

ISUZU HINO engineering vehicle all aluminum modification

Various types of special radiator products

With a focus on the future, the Farada Group is constantly evolving in technology leadership and technological innovation. The blueprint for development planning combined with the national 2025 China Manufacturing Strategic Objectives is used in various large-scale high-end equipment such as construction machinery, generator sets and agricultural machinery. The technology of the radiator is mature and stable, and has made technological breakthroughs in the field of new energy cooling. Farada will continue to solidify and provide more new and efficient car radiators, and work together with customers and friends to create a win-win situation!



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